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Hausa Blue | Kate Abley Author & Book Release Feature

  A STORY ABOUT IDENTITIES, CHANGE , AND FROCKS, LOTS OF THEM. " Hausa Blue” - A New Story Told in the Old Fashioned Way - From the contaminated capital to moth-eaten Bengal, a multi-racial British Empire is getting round to revolution. Dipa, the Queen’s imposter, has been locked in the Tower of London and is beginning to see that ‘It’s chaos out there.’ The second novel by Kate Abley, "Hausa Blue" is a page-turning tale of personal revolutions at a time of social change. Firmly grounded in traditional storytelling Abley plays with some familiar genres to create a vivid and sometimes luxuriant world. ABOUT THE BOOK: The characters and their actions lead the drama in a slightly different but eminently recognisable London and Bengal. Dipa, the young dress-makers daughter, paces up and down her cell in the Tower of London as former queens are wont to do. She doesn’t know why the charge of treason has been dropped, why the guards are not beating her anymore, or why they h

Predator | Nomad by Daniel Micko Review

  Predator / Nomad a novel By Daniel Micko Publisher: 770 Publishing Pages: 519 Pub Date: August 2, 2021 Categories: Technothriller / Mystery Summary: Dr. Jordan Roberts is a bit of a prodigy in her field of medicine, specifically genetics. Quick to bed the charismatic doctor, Saleh, a Saudi Princess and transgender security detail for her brother, must then deal with some emotional fallout. Has she actually been sleeping with the enemy? And if so, who is the enemy working for? When Saleh digs deeper, she uncovers more about Jordan’s work than anybody even knew was possible. Set around 9/11, Predator/Nomad is an enthralling and terrifying read. It urges relevance by presenting a world hurtling toward a game-changing medical advancement. The twisted plot reflects the odyssey we all take to do the right thing. Allegorically, people, in general, are more than what they seem—a cerebral look at social deviants. Book Review This story is set around the time of the 9/11 attacks and their clo

The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul's Journey Towards Illumination

  FROM NYC HOUSEWIFE TO MODERN DAY SAINT "The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul's Journey Towards Illumination" -A Compelling Story of the Eternal Quest for Spiritual Truth in the Context of Our Time- This is the true story of Mary Mrozowski, an ordinary 1950s NYC housewife (turned divorcee and single mother) who became an extraordinary social activist, international organizer, and world-renowned spiritual leader. Written by her daughter Judith, " The Audacity to be Divine" is a revelatory tale of transformation, resilience, and unparalleled truth-seeking. ABOUT THE BOOK: Mary was a quintessential New York housewife living in the depth of despair. Bearing the secret of her family's tumultuous past, Mary reclaimed her truth and strove for redemption against all odds - transcending as a social activist, international organizer, and spiritual leader for the masses. Mary was able to transcend worlds. Having integrated Christian modalities with Eastern philosoph