A Moment with...Quardeay Julien


Hello everyone. Today I have the pleasure of shining the spotlight on the multi-talented best selling author of Lil Mama from the Trenches and super creative simply known as Quardeay. He is an Author, Designer, Podcaster, Bartender, and future Screenwriter. At 26 years old, he has published 30 titles with his latest titled, If Only He knew, an urban romance thriller sure to set your pulse racing and your mind wondering what ’s next. Join me for a few minutes to discover or re-discover learn just a little more about this engaging talent who has more to share with the creative community through his love of the writing world and the company he works for (TMP), which is astronomical.

Q: Did you always see yourself as a writer?
A: I always saw myself in the entertainment world in some way. Whether in sports, acting, or fashion. I always had a knack for expressing myself artistically. Writing for me has always been a source of therapy. But I knew that I wanted to take my career to the next level and become a full-time writer once I began posting short stories to a positive reception.

Q: When did you write your first book and what was that feeling like for you?
A: I wrote my first book at the age of 22. It was a self-published title that I passed around my college campus. It was off to the races from there with no turning back. I was absolutely elated. It was like riding a roller coaster for the first time. Incredibly exhilarating.

Q: What is the typical writing process for you?
A: I decided a few months ago to take a chance and become a full-time writer so most of my day is consumed with writing! would never complain about it. It’s an endless vacation for me. My writing process depends on the word count, but for most books, it takes me about a month. But in my zone, I could potentially finish a short story novel in a week. I always say the best information comes from personal experiences. A good story is more than just words and characters. I need to be able to visualize, relate, and envision the world you’ve created with your pen. I need to feel like I’m in that world. I need to feel as though one of the characters is speaking to me. When you’re able to take the things, you witness firsthand and fictionalize them in a way, it says a lot. Of course, research goes a long way as well which can only help your books in the long run. Of course, for me, I always turn what is supposed to be just a tame writing story into something more sinister or wild. Which is why most of my books turn into thrillers lol. I love writing thrillers. Fortunately, most times, your books will write themselves when this happens. LOL. You’re simply the creator, your characters are the ones really in control.

Q: Which book is your favorite and why?
A: My favorite hands down would have to be Lil Mama from the Trenches. It was a short story that was created as a tribute to Black mothers and Black women. I loved creating that masterpiece. It’s one of my highest rated novels as well. I have much more to bring you. Look forward to books that are crazier, sexier, and more shocking than ever.
Q: Where can readers find your work? And do you still hear from readers?
A: You can find my books on Amazon through one click or Kindle Unlimited! But soon you’ll be able to locate them in your local libraries as well.
do hear from my readers. It’s amazing that I still hear from a lot of my readers that read my first novel. I love them all. I usually get requests for sequels or just inquiries about my next release which always makes me feel welcome.

Q: How can readers connect with you and tell us what’s next?
A: Through my Twitter @quardeay. My Instagram @AuthorQuardeay or my FB using my name Quardeay Julien or my second account @AuthorQuardeay.
Q: Anything else we should know about Author Quardeay? Hobbies? What do you do in your downtime? Can we come party with you lol?
A: LOL. I love to catch up on shows on Netflix in my downtime. That or taking a trip to the lake to meditate or free-write. Maybe travel or step out for a drink. If you’re ever in the city of Milwaukee, please don’t hesitate to check me out because while I create crazy books, I also create crazy alcoholic beverages. I’m not the Literary Bartender for nothing! Lol
Oh, and if you haven’t picked up my latest release, If Only He Knew, it will make a great weekend read. You won’t be sorry!
Publication Date: August 3, 2020
Genre: Urban Romance Thriller, Fiction
Pages: 286

Book Description:

“Shakir Daye is a low-down, unfaithful cheater.”

At least that’s what his wife, entrepreneur Savannah Daye told herself every single day since first learning of his compulsive transgressions. As badly as she wanted to believe otherwise, the fact remained, her husband was a two-timing dog who’s love for yoni was as big as his love of art.

To take things to another level and figure out if her husband had changed, Savannah has a chance encounter with aspiring porn star Tyjhe, better known to her fans solely as, Trouble. The two come up with a devious scheme that will seemingly give everyone what they want.

For Tyjhe, the proposal could ultimately lead to a luxurious lifestyle, and a chance to silence the critics that are the closest to her.

For Savannah, this is a chance for her to figure out what went wrong in her marriage and finally put to rest her obsessive insecurities.

And for Shakir... He has no idea what’s being plotted behind his back. And only if he knew, maybe his life and the lives of those he loves wouldn’t be in danger.

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