The Side Nicca Next Door Series

Sinful Cousins

Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague

Deadly Temptation

Dropping Panties In The Pulpit

Seen, Never Heard : A Twisted Love Story

Shot Through the Heart

Goodbye Newsroom

Avenging Angel: Love & Death in Old Brooklyn

The Lady Killer:A Public Service Announcement

While He's Sleeping She's Creepin' Series

A Medium's Birthday Surprise

A Toxic Kind of Love

A Forbidden Hood Love

Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend 1 - 4

Love and Loyalty Series

Sight Unseen

The Wives We Play

That Bona Fide Hood Love: Zoli & Pride 1 & 2

Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy: Married to the Gang Series

A Real Kind of Love

Blinded Series

Metamorphs: Return of the Legion

Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do Series

Carl Weber's Kingpins: Houston

The Scopas Factor

Making Good Love to a Bad Boy Series

That Bona Fide Hood Love: Kaseem and Kasslyn

Wicked Rhyme

Friends With Benefits: My Deadly Addiction

Coldhearted & Crazy: Say U Promise 1

Gorillaz in the Bay: Neva Die

The Good Neighbor


Jholee & Kiandre: A Gangsta And His Good Girl

The Ugly Side of Me

I'll Do Anything for My Philly Goon

Body Count: How Many Is Too Many

Work Husband: Some Lines Should Never Be Crossed