Love and Loyalty Series

Love and Loyalty Love and Loyalty by Pressure and Empress
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Note: This addresses the series as a whole.

Nard and Empress as teenagers and had an instantaneous connection. Two teens who seemed, at least on the face of things, as complete opposites. They were drawn to each other. One good Being with someone who leads a dangerous life like Nardo you have to think that Empress was going to end up hurt or killed. As their mutual attraction blossomed the couple became "cutesy", but one thing that remained was the loyalty and love they had for each other through snitches, jealousy, betrayal, and prison. The authors delivered a well thought out series that while book 1 was a little slow to start for me book 3 ending strong. The manifestation of their hood love and all the cast of characters involved was well written with good formatting and developed characters. Good job to his duo.

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by KayBee