The Wives We Play

The Wives We Play The Wives We Play by Briana Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kymira's tale of youthful ignorance. She enters into a poly-marriage unaware that it would change her life in unimaginable ways. The story was an easy, slow listen. The story picked up during the last hour of my listen. Writing the lead character as a superficial former "party girl" who was looking for an easy "in" to the good life was perfect. She got the "in", but not the easy. She consistently put herself in situations to be victimized in search of the almighty dollar. Not even the love of her life could pull her from it completely. Before it's all said and done there is murder, childbirth, betrayal and a walking dead moment. The characters were well developed and the plot while predictable was well written. This author knows how to weave a story that pulls you in even if you don't like the characters themselves. Oddly enough, I was more drawn to the brother and best friend. I hope they are highlighted in book 2 a bit more to give a little bit of excitement to the story.

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