While He's Sleeping She's Creepin' Series

While He's Sleeping She's Creepin' While He's Sleeping She's Creepin' by T'Ann Marie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review relates to the series as a whole.

This story delves into the relationships of the people above. We have a good girl and a good guy both love those in their lives openly and freely only to be mistreated until they are broken.  They both have to deal with betrayal, emotional abuse and the death of two key characters all while trying to maintain some integrity and peace in their lives. However, fate leads them to each other and their healing.  The characters were developed even the character who provided comic relief in the form of trusty sidekick, Nori. I would love to get a novella on her.   I enjoyed seeing the growth and vulnerability of the male characters well those who were meant to show it.  There were instances of misspelled words that were noticeable but were not great in number. The title of each chapter was in purple and hard to read in the kindle version, which was not good since it announced which pov the chapter was devoted too.

The story was structurally sound with the appropriate content and fairly good plot movement. Even when nothing really happened with the characters, the author wrote their angst or individual scenes in such a way that you did not realize that the story had not moved along at all for several pages.  While I think the four books could have been combined into two books to three or event two books for a bigger impact, I enjoyed the series and consumed it in the space of two days.

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