Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen Sight Unseen by T. Ashley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sixteen year old Morgan Alexander has been kept in the dark for years. It wasn't until she met the boy next door that the secrets from her childhood was brought to the light. Will Morgan be able to cope through it all? What path will she choose, and is it the right one?

Book Review
This was a good young adult paranormal/action read. You get a little teen angst with an underlining current of darkness. The feel of impending doom and darkness intensifies when Morgan and Casper meet sharing their first kiss. Setting in motion a battle of light against dark. The story was moderately paced with a clear plot. The characters were somewhat developed, but the background for each primary was not clear enough for me.   As those who are "different" is revealed evil is revealed. The structure and formatting are well done. I think the author did a good job of setting up for a new series. While this was not for me, I would not hesitate to recommend this to a teen.

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