Antisocial Antisocial by Bradley Campbell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New York City Detective Tristan Andretti is engaged and in a career that puts him in the crossfire of a dangerous man with rainbow hair. After that encounter, his world changes and maybe not for the better. We have a time jump that introduces us to a pop star dealing with issues related to an accident and her fame. crosses swords with deadly enemies in the hardest puzzle of his career. The first 7 chapters were engaging and pulled me into the story. However, the story lost me a bit after chapter 8. I could not connect with the new characters or the situation. I think I was waiting for the suspense and danger to show itself. I am assuming that will come about in the second installment. From a technical standpoint, the story was structured and well-written with no errors. The characters were developed and the plot or setup was clear. If the Author brings the suspense and danger referenced in the synopsis or description, I think book 2 will be very entertaining.

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