Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague

Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague by Darlene Burns
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Women. Infected blood. Rotting corpses. Welcome to the world of Katrine Baten aka Midnight. She is one of the oldest existing Vampyirs and only surrounds herself with eye candy. But something is destroying not only her world, but the human world as well. Together with her lesbian coven by her side, she tries to seek a cure. And what she discovers may change the course of how she lives as a lesbian Vampyir forever! 

Book Review
Queen Katrine feared and revered by many African countries is turned into a Vampire in order to fulfill her destiny. Her maker Darius comes to her to reveal that her deceased father was his best friend and knew what he was, which makes her acceptance of what she is to become no easier.
Fast forward Katrine is now known as Midnight and is the leader of a lesbian clan of Vampires. A plague is killing not just humans, but Vampire kind as well. How will the oldest living Vampire in her clan find a cure? Well, you will have to read the story and find out.

This was a different spin on the Vampire tale that we normally read in paranormal fiction. Instead of the usual roguishly handsome brooding male Vamp, the author gives us a strong female lead, well more than one. Alex is a force as well. You can get more of her story in Book 2. The author did a good job of pulling you into each scene with the characters and kept a bit of realism to the story which aided in making it easy to connect with the story. However, outside of the grammatical errors & it is a bit wordy at times, I would have liked the smoother transitions when moving between flashbacks and the present. There were definitely times when I didn't realize that the next chapter was a flashback and not the present until a few sentences into it. The errors can be addressed by an editor or with a solid proofreader.

All in all the story was entertaining and was structured well enough to keep you engaged. Get your copy and please leave a review.

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