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A Blackthorn Book Tour: Lost to the Lake by Anna Willett

  Lost to the Lake by Anna Willett    Genre:   Thriller       Print length : 233 pages ·          Age range : This is an adult book but suitable for mature teens age 16+ ·           Trigger warnings : Graphic violence, sexual assault, homicide, violent injury to a dog   About Lost to the Lake Following a home invasion, a woman begins to wonder if her perfect life is a lie. Beth Jacobsen wakes up in the middle of the night to a home break-in and is held at knife point. Her faithful dog is injured when trying to fend off her attackers. Not so heroic is her husband, Marty, who seems to freeze and resign to whatever fate awaits her. Although they fight off the intruders, things are just about to get a whole lot worse. Marty makes a revelation that means they can’t go to the police. Rather they’ll head, with a new set of troubles, to secluded White Mist Lake Retreat. Yet instead of finding tranquillity and a chance to heal there, Beth will be forced to confront a sic

Book Review: The Way Love Felt

THE WAY LOVE FELT THE REVIEW Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Skittles and Angels?  Oh My! A man and his need for women, power and sex was front and center in my first read by this author. This short story that was developed enough to add a sequel for its protagonist didn't pull me in initially. But, I'm so glad I continued to read. The protagonist sees a woman that he has to possess. He has an instant connection to her and wants to be her everything from the start. She seemingly feels the same. What follows is the revelation of their shared history and the fall out.  "A narcissistic sociopath describes  a dangerous person who demonstrates traits and symptoms of both narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and antisocial personality disorder (APD)" -source, Choosing Therapy James King was the perfect example of a narcissistic sociopath. There were red flags in the short story. One such red flag occurred during a dinner scene that had him zoning out and imagining...well you

Blackthorn Book Tour: The Incomplete Artist

  The Incomplete Artist – Book Information ·          Purchase link: ·          Genre:   Cozy mystery (set in the future – minor sci-fi components) ·          Print length: 216 pages (49K words) ·          Age range: This is an adult book but suitable for mature teens age 16+ ·          Trigger warnings: Violent death ·          Amazon Rating: New book not yet rated.   About The Incomplete Artist An evening at the art gallery… The clinking of wine glasses… The hopeful thrill of a first date… But someone has murder on their mind! All that Detective Ashley Westgard wanted was a night off—and maybe a little romance later on. But when a body is discovered during an event with dozens of wealthy art collectors in attendance, her fairy tale dream turns into a nightmare for everyone. Now Ash must put her hopes on hold, flash her police badge, and take control of the crime scene… This is Book Two of the Ashley Westgard series, but was

A Blackthorn Book Tour: Sing Like A Canary by Isobel Blackthorn

About Sing Like a Canary Retired police officer Marjorie Pierce is on her way to Lanzarote to track down her old informer, Billy McKenzie. Billy ended Marjorie’s career, and she needs an explanation; an apology. Present and past soon collide when gangsters Eric and Mick Maloney turn up on the island with revenge in their veins, and Marjorie has to race against the clock to get to Billy before the brothers. But who is complicit and who can be trusted… and who really betrayed Marjorie all those years ago? A multi-layered mystery packed with suspense, Sing Like A Canary is the fifth book in Isobel Blackthorn’s Canary Islands Mysteries Series, and can be enjoyed as a standalone even if you haven’t read other books in the series.   Praise for Sing Like a Canary Rating: 5 out of 5. I have read all of the Canary Island series and thoroughly recommend them. Each book stands alone, but  if read in sequence the nuanced links become dynamic, especially in this latest book – it is on-the-edge-

The Bones of Amoret by Arthur Herbert

                                                                                                                      About The Bones of Amoret In this enigmatic follow up to his critically acclaimed debut novel The Cuts that Cure, Arthur Herbert returns to the Texas-Mexico border with this saga of a small town’s bloody loss of innocence. Amoret, Texas, 1982. Life along the border is harsh, but in a world where cultures work together to carve a living from the desert landscape, Blaine Beckett lives a life of isolation. A transplanted Boston intellectual, for twenty years locals have viewed him as a snob, a misanthrope, an outsider. He seems content to stand apart until one night when he vanishes into thin air amid signs of foul play. Noah Grady, the town doctor, is a charming and popular good ol’ boy. He’s also a keeper of secrets, both the town’s and his own. He watches from afar as the mystery of Blaine’s disappearance unravels and rumors fly. Were the incipient cartels responsible?