I'll Do Anything for My Philly Goon

I'll Do Anything for My Philly Goon I'll Do Anything for My Philly Goon by Nakeria Hendley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I felt like I missed some scenes that addressed the quick manner in which Saquon and S'nari fell into a relationship. I think we were kept at arm's length when it came to the relationship. This story was not entertaining when it could have been. No chemistry existed between any of the characters. S'nari's character didn't make sense to me.  The sequel came together for me better than book one.  The characters started to make sense and feel complete. Book 2 was structured and well written from a technical sense. I still felt that the characters could have been more developed so that their actions and reactions make some kind of sense. For example, the cousin's intense hatred didn't make sense. I would have liked to know what motivated it.  The explanation provided didn't fit her actions.  The relationship between the two primary characters also fell into place in book 2 as did their chemistry. All in all, this was a decent read and I would recommend it.