XYZ Trilogy

XYZ XYZ by Kimille
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"if he ain't got nothing, he won't have anything to give me
If he cheats on his girlfriend with me, he'll cheat on me with someone else
"if he is money ain't strong, who cares if his dick is long
if he talks too much, he listens to little
if he doesn't respect himself, he won't respect me"
                                                                                              Aunt T-Lu

I loved this series. You have family and a makeshift family. The Patriarch had taken in and raised 3 children and mentored them to be strong, loyal and smart. I loved that the Author doesn't just tell you who the characters are, but she shows you through their actions. Each character had a developed backstory.  We see XYZ grow into adulthood and find love and happiness of their own. Along the way, you introduced to significant others, grandkids, and friends. I loved the way the Author gave each couple their due and allowed us to watch the pain, heartache, and happiness that each couple experienced together and how the family as whole moved to resolve whatever stumbling came their way. This story above anything else was about the family and the strength you get from having a solid family in your corner.  I loved she also allowed us to see what became of some of the supporting cast. I would have like to have seen what became of Alex and Julz. The potential coupling was introduced, but nothing came of it. Maybe in 2019? The story moved at a moderate pace and seamlessly from scene to scene with the exception of the timeline i.e. the pregnancy and death storyline in Book 3. The one female who was pregnant only a few weeks maybe 2 months was revealed to be "ready to pop" at the funeral the family attended.  Flashbacks, which can be tough to transition out of at times, were executed properly. Solid content, good formatting, and minimal errors made for a solid story. The story held my interest from page one. I thoroughly enjoyed it....

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