Diary of a Mad First Lady

Diary of a Mad First Lady Diary of a Mad First Lady by DiShan Washington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story of how a manipulative seductress, Daphne, tests the strength and faith of a marriage between pastor, Darvin, and his wife, Michelle. I will say the story didn’t get off to the best start. The opening was very confusing. The prologue opens with a trial and the pastor and wife’s marriage on the rocks and the couple are the parents of 1 child. Chapter one begins 2 years after this trial. Michelle is pregnant and proclaims she is “living her life like it’s golden as Mrs. Daphne L. Johnson. “ I replayed the first few minutes 3 times to make sure that I wasn’t missing something.
As the story progresses, you notice fairly quickly that the story is going to move a slow pace. I found none of the characters likable, which could be how the Author wanted them to be received. The more I listened I was eager to see when it would pick up. And then Dawn appeared and I thought “Yes! Here we go”.
With Daphne in a mental institution, her “sister” Dawn shows up claiming that she and her family want to make amends for the deplorable deeds of Daphne. My first thought was okay is no one going to do a background check on this Dawn? Is everyone in the church this gullible? No one objected to her purchasing a Bentley for the pastor. Michelle, the wife, didn’t say anything either. (insert side eye) The characters were so mild mannered throughout that it was maddening. But, this was the tone of the entire book, it was very low-key in terms of action, drama, romance, and passion. Darvin had chemistry with everyone, but his wife, which was interesting. Christian fiction does not have to be free of drama or passion. I found it interesting that the Pastor was not as strong or charismatic as you would expect someone in that role. He was the weaker one in the relationship and for lack of a better term “wishy-washy”. I kept wondering what Daphne did to Michelle previously. Her deeds were referred to in general often, but we only received a small glimpse For example, Daphne changing the locks of Michelle’s home and she had to wait in the cold for 2 hours. All in all, this was a decent listen with Nicole Small as narrator I made the assumption that this story was a part of the Christian Erotica genre this Author is credited with creating. It was not and that’s fine. Christian fiction is something that I read as well. I would recommend to those who want a light easy read or listening.

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