Unapologetically Me

Unapologetically Me Unapologetically Me by Danesha Little
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We have Fatima who struggles with fulfilling what is expected of her by becoming a doctor while indulging in her secret real love, writing. Writing fan fiction unwittingly leads her to Jericho, a rapper who stumbles on her story about him thanks to his assistant. He's intrigued as to what inspired her story and er moves to reach out to her. The begin a back and forth dialogue. Fatima is unaware that her "fictional character" is the real Jericho. I enjoyed these two characters. There was chemistry between the two. The story had romance, comedy and a little drama. He needed to clean his house. The snakes in his camp were too much. The fallout from the actions of one was heartbreaking. Watching the couple learn, deal, adjust and grow from it was equally heartbreaking. But, the lessons of self-care, healing, forgiveness and love was worth the ride. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. From a technical standpoint, great plot, great structure and formatting, and a good editing job was delivered.

If you're not sharing your gift and only making others happy remember " a silenced gift helps no one". Congratulations on well-written book Ms. Little.

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