Let Me Please You: A McClain Family Novella

Let Me Please You: A McClain Family Novella by Alexandria House
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Kat's the only girl and deserved to have her own post just like the boys. This was the story that gave us insight as to how Kat (Kathryn) and Tommy (Tomás) became the Kirbys. It is not an extension of the series as in a new novel. But, a novella that overlaps with the events in "Let Me Show You The lone sister of the McClain family was married to a serial cheater, Wayne. They met in school during a time that in Kat's own words "she needed someone" and he was there. Tommy, as you know, had a very brief dalliance with Bridget, Jo's friend and Nolan's future mate. I don't want to tell too much of the story and ruin it. After working together in close quarters for Leland, the two start to really notice each other and one innocent flirt sparks each other's interest. I loved getting to know Tommy and his family. You get to see that he is not just a 6'9, 300lb ghost (sidenote- that's a lot of man lol okay okay back to it). You also get a deeper glimpse into who Kat is and she's just as tough and scary as the brothers. While the story does overlap with the events in another story there is no repetition. The author packed so much action an detail into the story that you don't feel shortchanged at all. She developed two characters we loved and delivered such a complete and structured story that the reader is left completely satisfied. And I wanted to see how Uncle Lee Chester was going to add his special flavor to the story. I was not disappointed. I wonder how many readers have had a "sectional".

Thank you Alexandria House for delivering a stellar series that can only be enhanced with a vacation or holiday story. (hint, hint)

Now le'ts get you that book!


by KayBee