Alpha Boss Series

                               Alpha BossAlliance 

Can Samantha tame the beast, or will Preston Davis show her who's the alpha?

Samantha Davis was only looking for a job, but landed in front of a sexy, beast of a boss. The moment she stepped into the lobby at ASC she knew she belonged there, and the moment Preston Jacobs stepped into her life, she knew she'd never be the same. His massive frame towers over her. His presence is intimidating, and he is the sexiest man she's ever seen. He exudes power, and Samantha can't explain the raw, animalistic attraction she feels. Sam is determined to push thoughts of the boss out of her mind, but the connection may be too powerful.

Preston Jacobs is a hard-headed wolf shifter, and as CEO of ASC and leader of his pack, he hasn't had time to worry about people's feelings. Everything changed when he met Samantha. He knew she was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her. His thoughts become consumed with taking his mate and marking her, and he's going to pull out all the stops to make her trust him and show her that she's his forever.

When members of the pack become rebellious and trouble arises Preston must face a new challenge. Can he convince Samantha to accept her fate as his mate and help him lead the pack? Or will uncertain danger and unexplainable feelings cause her to run away with her tail tucked between her legs?

Series Book Review- This was series my first by this author. I love the concept of a shifter story that features Black characters. Ray spends a good deal of time introducing readers to the word she has created. She takes the approach that some traditional pnr plots take in that the love is instant.  When Samantha and Preston meets, he instantly knows that she is his mate. However, the road to "happily ever after" is marred by a rebellion. A rebellion that leads to death and Samantha discovering something about who she is that she was completely aware of at the time.  There were a few notable characters in the series ie. Michael, Lisa, and a couple of crossover characters that I understand are from another series, Mark of the Dragon. 

The series moves well across both books and the plot is clear. I will say that I would have liked a bit more character development and for the characters to read like adults and not teens and a little less predictability. That being said, I look forward to this author's growth and her making a mark in the PNR world. 
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