Captivated By Her Chaos

Captivated By Her Chaos SynopsisAfter a five-year bid in prison, Kamryn Lewis’s life is in shambles, and it continues to spiral downhill. That leads her to have an unexpected encounter with Tevin “Chaos” Taylor. Kam’s main focus is on getting her life together and not allowing anyone to have control of her heart. However, when Tevin comes along, she finds that he is a man who is difficult to deny.

Tevin is busy running a smooth operation when he realizes Kamryn is the woman he has been looking for all of his life. However, things start to take a dangerous turn when an old foe has it out to destroy everything Tevin has built. Will Tevin stay focused and manage to secure Kamryn’s heart, or will Kam get lost in the shuffle?

Book Review Kamryn and Tevin find each other at a time when she needs someone in her corner. Unfortunately, a lifetime of "hard knocks", bad decisions, and betrayal leaves her with a wall up. A wall that Tevin is determined to break through that is if he can keep the streets at bay. 
There was a lot going on in this story. The author told us a lot about each character and their thoughts and what we should expect from them. While none of the characters were particularly likable or strong, as a collective they were fairly interesting. The story moved quickly and has the potential to be explosive especially with some of the more outlandish scenes that occurred. All in all, this was an okay read.


by KayBee