Tangled in a Lover's Web: The Novel

Tangled in a Lover's Web: The Novel Tangled in a Lover's Web: The Novel by China

SynopsisMemphis, TN, is the “Home of the Blues” in more ways than just music. The atmosphere of the “Blues” hovers over the city like dark clouds, so it is no surprise that the wicked storms of Murder, Adultery, Sex, Lies, Revenge, and Dark Secrets rain down on the weary and desperate citizens of the “Bluff City”.In the tale, Tangled in a Lover’s Web, the weary and desperate become “spiders” caught up in the web of deceit. The “spiders” crawl in and out of each other’s lives leaving a trail of destruction behind, as they struggle to distinguish between “Love” and “Lust”.28-year-old Luther Stewart is at a crossroads in his marriage to Victoria Walker-Stewart, when he has a chance encounter with an old flame; Malaysia Garrison-Tong. Regret, selfishness, and lust drive him to her doorstep and eventually into her bed. Unfortunately, Malaysia is married to one of Luther’s clients; Ji Tong, but she is still in love with Luther. While she slowly becomes entangled in the marriage of Victoria and Luther, she is forced to question the materialistic foundation of her own marriage. As Luther continues to spin his web of lies, he does not realize that Malaysia and Victoria are unknowingly weaving webs around each other. Eventually, the web that Luther spins around his failing marriage entraps him, and he is forced to face-off with his worst enemy; himself. Amid Luther’s infidelity and inner turmoil, Victoria seeks attention and ultimately finds love, in a talented Urban Fiction writer; B’Shone. As B’Shone enters the web, his presence goes unnoticed until the web he spins catches all the “spiders”.In the end, all the webs become one, and the life of each “spider” is permanently altered when dark secrets are revealed and the web collapses. Will Luther and Victoria Stewart continue to be Tangled in a Lover’s Web, or will they find their way back to each other and honor their vows? 

Book Review - Entanglement..Spiders...Entanglement...Betrayal...Entanglement..Nymphomania...Big A Spiders...Entanglement.....and Scene

Infidelity breeds strange bedfellows in this mix of urban and paranormal fiction. The characters couldn't trust themselves, much less each other. A new love was tested with the re-appearance of an old love. Current lives were tested by betrayal. All of this drama led to some freaky drama. I think the authors did a good job of creating interesting characters and a valiant effort to add in paranormal to a genre that it is not always been coupled with in the past. I like it. I think the story moved quickly and well. The characters were developed enough that their motivations and actions made sense.  I would not classify this as a thriller, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Yes, there was a bit of predictability, but it was offset for me by the humor. I'd recommend it to those wanting something different from their urban fiction.
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