The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book Two

The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book Two The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book Two
by LeeSha McCoy

SynopsisO'Asia and Zale need to fall in love, but they're currently surrounded by angry guards ready to uphold the law.

Can Odessa succeed in protecting them both?

With Emperor Seera now back in open waters, they quickly become more dangerous for one merm in particular, and O'Asia soon realises that the Prince and his love aren't the only things she needs to protect them all...

As secrets are uncovered, characters are put to the ultimate test, and it becomes apparent that what they all want and what the water needs, is two completely different things.

What was once seen as the enemy, must now become the ally, and what once appeared black and white, now clearly isn't.

As unlikely partnerships are made and the waters move closer to being truly free, all rests first on O'Asia grasping her advanced sorcery

Book Review - This sequel took me back to the Mermaid world and I enjoyed it. McCoy continued to develop the characters throwing in more steam between Odessa and her Prince. The story propelled us further into Odessa discovering her new self and her role while keeping an eye out for those who may harm or deceive her. The story was well structured and so it continued to build on this world and the characters while adding a  bit of intrigue. I listened to the audible version and as before the narrator chosen for this series is spot on in bringing the characters to life. Great job.
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