Naked Desires: The Naked Series

Naked Desires: The Naked Series Naked Desires: The Naked Series 
by Samuel Silver

Unrequited lust. Relentless jealousy. And an unwinding road to bisexual revelations.

Alisha's only desire is to writhe with passion over Mac's tight body as he strokes her to a sweet and bone-quivering release. She yearns for his enflaming touch. Lusts for his fervent kiss. Itches for his penetrating embrace.

But someone stands in her way.
A blonde hourglass figure in a tight miniskirt sits outside Mac's office. She's his devout secretary. She constantly interrupts Alisha's intimacies. Forever wedged between her and Mac.

All the while, Alisha fights her own decadent demons.
A lithe redhead in her prime years ignites a concupiscent flame in Alisha's body like she's never experienced before. She lavishes Alisha's frustrations with intimate massage sessions, sending ripples of debauched pleasure coursing through her voluptuous frame. Suddenly, Alisha is forced to face the bisexual reality of her carnal appetite.

Alisha must save her marriage before she loses her husband forever.

But can she overcome her own temptations and stay faithful to her one true love?

Book Review
 This is the sequel to Book 1 in The Naked Series, The Makings of a  Desperate Man.  Book two seemingly backtracks to book one and shows us a different viewpoint OR it could have been what happened in the aftermath of book one. I'm not really certain. Book one left off with Mac's life in shambles and his wife'.s existence up in the air due to the "redhead". However, in the sequel, they just meet. This is why I'm assuming that book two is the original story told from Alisha's viewpoint.  

That being said the story moved quickly and added another layer of insight to the marriage between Mac and Alisha. I still would like to know more about Stephanie, Venessa, and the "Boss".  Why is it important that Mac take over whatever business Stephanie is recruiting him for in this story? There are still plotholes and I'm left with the same questions & concerns as I had in Book one. 
There were several glaring errors that should have been caught in the editing phase.  The characters & plot while not developed yet have the potential to be entertaining with the proper developmental editing. Bring the focus to the plot, develop it, and make the sex more of a bonus in this instance rather than the main focus will help get this story on track. 

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