Samantha's Love: Book 2 in the Forrest Series

Samantha's Love: Book 2 in the Forrest Series Samantha's Love: Book 2 in the Forrest Series 
Lynne Anders

Writer Samantha William’s on-again/off-again relationship with restauranteur Steven Collins heads for greener pastures when he asks her to marry him, and they prepare for an idyllic small-town life together in Forrest, Indiana. But, when his ex-girlfriend Jackie tries to wheedle back into his arms—using his teenage daughter, Rebecca, as leverage—Samantha panics and must leave to clear her head. She’s shocked when her fiancĂ©e then pushes her away again. While living apart from him in her haven, the Devonshire House, Samantha must somehow find a way to make their relationship work, especially for their unborn child.

Though Jackie refuses to observe the restraining order against her, Steven and Samantha reconcile, marry, and embark on a happy life with their new son. Things become dicey again, though, when the son of Jackie’s close friends begins stalking Rebecca at college. Samantha and Steven take steps to protect Rebecca and to move forward with their lives, even under his ex’s long-reaching shadow.

One winter morning, just after Samantha breaks the happy news of another child on the way, a phone call from a good friend shatters their world. Can she ever find happiness again, when her husband no longer remembers her or their son?

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Book 2 begins with Samantha and Steven still working out some issues from the previous book.  This installment focuses on the Trust theme.  Trust between Samantha and Steven, between Samantha and Rebecca, and an infinite list of other characters involved in their lives.  Samantha is pregnant with their first child and Jackie, while not major, plays a supporting role in her determination to pull Samantha and Steven apart. Book 2 basically revolves around Samantha's insecurities.  I honestly cannot connect to Samantha as a woman.  She is selfish and runs away from EVERY problem. She has been through a lot and definitely goes through more in this book.  However, the major event that takes place in this book, an event that would leave any wife, any woman breathless and unable to find their footing, causes Samantha to run away and hide.  I was upset about this move.  The same must be said about this book, like book 1, it is much too long and details not pertinent to the story could have been left out.  Overall, it is a good read, flowed well and I look forward to the 3rd installment. You can get your copy of the book below and support the author by leaving a review. 

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