Gorillaz in the Bay 3: Black Lives Matter

Gorillaz in the Bay 3: Black Lives Matter Gorillaz in the Bay 3: Black Lives Matter 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The war with Y.N.M. (Young Ni**a Mafia) nearly destroys the Neva Die Dragon Gang. VOORHEEZE is in a medically induced coma, and the rank and file of his organization are falling apart from within.

A new leader, DOK HOLLIDAY, who has come home after serving 20 years in prison, is given the reigns of the gang. But when CLARKOLA resurfaces, an internal war pits friends against friends, and brothers against brothers. Will Dok's GORILLAZ IN THE BAY prove triumphant? Or will Clarkola and his Smack Mobb retire the old Legend for good?

Meanwhile, BATMAN is on a quest to prove Black Lives Matter by killing one cop at a time. S.A.C. ANDREATTA and her FBI team have been called in to lead the manhunt for the nation's most dangerous fugitive. The race is on! Will the Feds be able to stop the cop slayings before others join the cause? Or will Batman teach them that Revenge Is Promised (R.I.P.)

                                                                           Book Review
Now, I enjoyed books 1 & 2. They were gritty, they were full of action and betrayal. Plus, I love a good shoot out scene. Dekari up the ante with book 3.
Do you want a gangster? Then you want Voorheez. I think Dekari did a good job of developing the characters by giving us some backstory it humanized them. You get some insight into the challenges that were faced just because of the color of their skin. The running them "Black Lives Matter" was well captured and ties directly into the fight for racial equality that still exists today.
As expected there was a lot of action and the potential for an unexpected romance. Batman was a standout character for me as well.
I would recommend this to anyone wanting a well-written view of street life. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.



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