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Karli has always led a sheltered life and she has no complaints. To her, life is perfect. The perfect career. The perfect friends. The perfect husband. After a joyous dinner party turns disastrous, Karli’s perfect world gets turned inside out. As she struggles to hold onto the life she holds dear, in comes the perfect stranger, Hudson Lewis. His charm and breathtaking view of life takes Karli by storm and awakens a dormant beast that unknowingly lies within. No holds barred, Karli embraces her new lease on life with a vengeance, but when a melting pot of lies and deceit is exposed everyone’s life will forever be changed as it brings everything to light in plain view

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Marriage. Affair. Love. Betrayal. Delusion. Revenge.

I have to say that throughout this story, I felt empathy toward Michael from start to finish. Even as I was being told that Michael was "bullheaded" or had this whole Madonna/Whore a la Sex in the City complex with Karli. I didn't really see but one or two instances of negative behavior that was referenced often.  So, I didn't really believe it. What was illustrated well was Karli's narcissistic behavior.  The author did a great job with her. Hudson, the scapegoat, was also well written. What was also written well was Michael's inability to let go. He was stuck so to speak in the past and wanted his Karli back. However, he reverted back to his old familiar ways and one of those rebound relationships will be an explosive secret in the sequel. I enjoyed this book. 
I was engaged in the story from chapter one. It had real-world content encased in a great plot.  It was a well-structured story with an IR twist. I literally saw one error and I love a writer who thrives to put out quality work each and every time. I am looking forward to the sequel. This story might actually resonate with some. The ending set us up for an explosion.  

(Sidenote- I would love to hear this on audible.)


The View 2: Secrets, Lies, & Betrayal The View 2: Secrets, Lies, & Betrayal by Untamed

Synopsis- Actions have consequences. As secrets, lies, and betrayal get revealed, Karli and Hudson's world begins to unravel behind the decisions they've made. The chain reaction of events that is unknowingly set in motion will expose if it's only the view of the grass that appears greener on the other side.

Book Review - Untamed delivered on this sequel on all fronts for me.  The story moved quickly and with all the drama that makes a reader invested in the lives of the characters, even the characters you don't like. 
Great character development. A seamless continuation of a plot filled with drama & tension. 
I loved the way Untamed took us through the delusion that would soon engulf one of the male characters. The twist with Karli's mother was delicious. I cannot wait for book 3.

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