Egypt's Blessing

Egypt's Blessing Egypt's Blessing
by Cherish Amore

Blessing: God’s favor and protection.
Opposite: A person or thing that is totally opposite from or the reverse of someone or something.

Egypt is rough around the edges, outgoing, a great father, and an all-around bad boy turned good that every woman wants. Blessing is a quiet, churchgoing, single, self-dedicated woman that is every man’s dream.

What happens when two worlds that are completely opposite collide? Egypt is nothing like Blessing is used to, but it’s something about him that has her drawn to him like a magnet. At first sight, Egypt is digging Blessing, but after realizing how different they are, he feels she is one chick he can do without. So how do the two connect?

Ignoring all the warning signs, they agree to go on a date. From one date to many, the pair become inseparable. They have one big problem—they’re completely opposite! Will Egypt change his ways for the woman he doesn’t want to live without, or will he bury those feelings and deal with what he normally attracts? Will Blessing break every rule she has ever made to be with the bad boy that quickly won her heart, or will she realize the bad boy turned good just isn’t what she needs in life?
                                                                       Book Review
This bad boy/good girl romance started with a disastrous blind date. Well, the first thing that will pull you into this story is the stunning cover. Wow! This bad boy/good girl romance began with a disastrous blind date. I am going to be in the minority I know, but I am on the fence with their story. I love it when two people who are like oil and water realize that they are what each other need.  Both characters were relatable individually. I felt they lacked chemistry initially. I don' know if that was attributed to their reconnecting that didn't seem as organic as it could have i.e. the first time they saw each other after the first date and Egpyt asks to take her out. What prompted him to ask and her to say yes? It didn't make sense to me. While a bit predictable and disjointed at times, the author put her own flair on this particular theme with the appropriate amount of drama and angst up until the end. I will say that in the first half of the book I was not truly engaged. I didn't feel the chemistry. This was an okay read for me. I can also attribute that to this being my first read by the author and being unfamiliar with her particular writing style.