Juice Box: The Book Of Shaun

Juice Box: The Book Of Shaun Juice Box: The Book Of Shaun by Daneal Brown
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Shaun Sheppard is equal parts hood-grown homeboy and corporate success. He dominates boardrooms by day and tears up the club by night, searching for the finest and juiciest women he can find. He’s locally famous for both his marketing tactics and his sexual escapades. Having coined the phrase juice box to describe the female anatomy, he considers himself to be a connoisseur of juice boxes far and wide. He has no intentions of slowing down his corporate climb or taming his sex drive. 
Until he sees Essence.
From the moment Shaun lays eyes on Essence, he can’t get her off his mind. She dominates his dreams, invades his thoughts at work, and all other women pale in comparison to her. He gets hooked on her juice box before he ever speaks to her.
When he’s presented with a truly golden opportunity, Shaun thinks this is his time to shine and gets on his grind. But he’s soon met with twists and turns that he couldn’t even begin to fathom. His seemingly unquenchable thirst for the juice box comes back to haunt him and puts a strain on his budding love affair with Essence.
In the end, Shaun must decide if he’s going to get the juice box, or if the juice box is going to get him.

Book Review
This was the debut novel for this author and he delivered solid characters who were appropriately developed within a solid plot. He did a good job of pulling the reader into each scene using vivid descriptions and seamless flashbacks.  The content was relevant and the story remained true to its genre. I liked that the characters were relatable on some level. 
I would have liked the pace to have been a bit quicker. Because there were quite a few flashbacks and so much descriptive imagery, the story became wordy, which had the negative side effect of causing lulls in the story. In addition, the flow of certain passages was off due to either grammatical errors or missing verbiage. While this did not occur a great deal, it was enough for me to notice. I think as a new indie author in the erotic fiction genre,  Brown did a good job. I look forward to seeing where his talent will take him.

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