F-strated Series

Fuckstrated: An Erotic Short StoryF-strated: An Erotic Short Series by Junnita Jackson
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Victoria Manning has a very lucrative career as a personal shopper. She is married to one of Philadelphia's top administrators in the health care industry. Together they have the perfect "outside looking in" life, with their large homes, invite only social elite gatherings and expensive cars. But sometimes the platinum lining just isn't enough to satisfy her. Victoria craves the attention of a man who should be strictly off limits. Although, bought up in the same house and raised by the same woman, Eric and Maurice Manning are complete opposites. Victoria's husband Eric is a generous, kind man with a good heart, a good head on his shoulders and wins awards for being the doting husband. Eric's brother Maurice is a lazy corner boy, with a bad attitude and a wicked stroke game. Victoria knows she shouldn't...but sometimes she just can't help herself

                                                            BOOK REVIEW
This erotic short was quick, dirty, messy, and engaging.  I was rooting for Victoria to be strong, but the writing was on the wall and Victoria hit it and then fell on Eric's dick.........repeatedly.
 The sequel was a good continuation of the story. We gain additional insight into the brothers at their thoughts on how relationships work and what regard women are held. What I would love to see next is exactly why the husband thought as he did about wives. What helped shaped his views?  The story while short and a little steamy, definitely had a lot of drama. It moved well and moved quick.  I'm wondering if the author bothered to finish the story of these three people, especially with the re-appearance of an old flame.

*Update- I just saw on the author's website that there will be a part 3 released in 2020 I believe.
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