Bump This

Bump ThisBump This by L.T. Ville
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Keith is an 18-year-old high school student living in Harlem. He has a life plan that includes being the class valedictorian and going to Columbia University. His mother is a recovering drug addict and his family is broken in most meanings of the word, but he has remained unfazed by his surroundings. He meets two cousins, Jesse and Derrick, and his senior year is turned on its head as he finds himself in a love triangle that leads to the discovery of details from his past that his mother wanted to keep hidden forever.

                                                              BOOK REVIEW 
I enjoyed the story of Keith and D and their evolution to a couple.  The author did a good job of displaying the angst that someone in high school would have when it comes to their sexuality, especially as a young black male. The characters were solid and not one-dimensional. The situations they found themselves faced with were believable and relatable.

My only con would be the overuse of the "N-word". I honestly had to sit back to remember what Keith's name was when it was all said it done. It literally was in every sentence D spoke. Despite this one offensive factor (yes it was used that much), the story moved very well and I look forward to book two.