My Big Daddy Got Me: Dominic

My Big Daddy Got Me: Dominic My Big Daddy Got Me: Dominic by Just Bae
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All Bernadette wanted for the holiday season was time off.
All Dominic wanted was a gift.
But, they were both on Santa's "Naughty not Nice" list.
And if they don't get away now, the couple might never get this chance again.
Looks like Santa will have to dig deep into his bag to give these two a very special gift.
This sweet-and-steamy short story will make you ask for a gift too.
                                                       BOOK REVIEW
Dominic definitely got me. This novelette was romantic, spicey, and just what I needed to perk me up today. It can be hard to make an impact on listeners or readers with short stories. However, this one has me yearning for more. The passion and romance displayed between Dominic and his wife were written perfectly. I think the author did a good job of executing their love story. The narrator also did a good job of giving each character a voice without sounding breathy, wanton, and desperate. Although that can be a good thing at times :) If you want a quick feel-good romance with a touch of spice this is for you.
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