In Way Too Deep

In Way Too Deep In Way Too Deep by Monica Walters
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Somehow, things spiraled out of control and the path to self-destruction seemed crystal clear. Kendrall “Kenny” Henderson had the perfect marriage until it wasn’t. While shying away from confrontation, his self-control slips from his grasp and he fell… hard. Losing his wife and children is killing him slowly inside, but the responsibility of taking care of his son outside of their union is what keeps him sane. In the meantime, Kenny knows that he will never love another woman the way he loves his ex-wife, Keisha. Although he messed up royally, he refuses to give up on having her in his life once again, even though she hates him for what he did. While he could hate her for her omissions, he chooses to accept the blame and keeps his knowledge to himself.

Feelings of betrayal, anger, hurt, and embarrassment threaten to consume Keisha Henderson at every turn when it comes to her ex-husband, Kenny. His infidelities have taken a toll on her and she does what any logical female would do. She leaves, taking their two children with her. While she tries to harbor hatred in her heart for Kenny, it’s only an act. The man that first stole her heart, still has it. He just doesn’t know it. While he messed up completely, she knows that she isn’t blameless. Because of her indiscretions, she chooses to suffer in silence, wanting what she feels she no longer deserves. Instead of revealing this to Kenny, she chooses to take her frustrations and anger out on him.

Kenny and Keisha have a long road of co-parenting ahead of them. The push and pull is real between them and Kenny’s fuse is lit at both ends, threatening an explosion, while Keisha continues to throw rocks from a glass house. Can they agree to forgive one another for the past for the sake of their children or will the structure of their relationship continue to crumble, eventually crushing everyone involved?

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A story of redemption and forgiveness. I was so ready for Kenny's story. The author did such a great job of telling it. I think the few twists that came in the story were executed flawlessly. I was almost brought to tears at one dramatic event that occurred. While I had an inkling something was traumatic was going to happen and was bracing for it, I was not as prepared as I thought. Kenny's story is one that will tug at your heartstrings and make you re-think how you communicate with loved ones going forward. People always say communication is key and this story is a good example of just why that holds true. Great job! umm ShyLou and Cass what ya'll doing?

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