Vindicated by Tasha Macklin

I listened to this book on Audible (5hrs and 32 mins) and was completely drawn into the story within the first few minutes. I.... was..... hooked.   The intro hits you hard and the story kept going from there until you are left with your mouth open waiting on part 2.   Mr. Gates served up an excellent performance, but I expected nothing less from him.

This book had at all of the key elements needed to make a book a standout. There was action, consistent plot movement ( no lulls), drama, interesting characters & violence that made sense in the world it was set.  The "hero" was not only a flawed man, brutal in his business & family dealings but one that you secretly rooted for when it comes time for his vengeance. The author did a fantastic job of also portraying mental illness by weaving it into the character's storyline slowly and deliberately. When the illness finally manifests itself for others to see, you felt their fear and confusion.   I appreciated the way the author used greed, violence, and betrayal to show how these things can color our interactions with others and how it changes our very being. Something that was a little surprising was that sex was an afterthought almost in this story and I think that made the story stronger. Yes, it played an important role, but the author didn't rely so heavily on it that it was all you remember.

 I honestly have listened to this book more than a handful of times. Each time between the story and Mr. Gates, I feel like it is the first listen. I cannot wait for the sequel. It should be fire if the author can keep up the momentum set forth in book 1.  

Reviewed by KayBee