Holidays With A Hood Boy

Holidays With A Hood Boy Holidays With A Hood Boy by Taylor B
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Unlike most kids, Heiress Hunter grew up with an absent mother who selfishly valued her time in the streets over her kids. Leaving her daughter's fathers to pick up her slack, unfortunately for Heiress her father got lost in the throes of drug addiction forcing her to not only care for herself, but him as well. Heiress learns at an early age that she can't depend on anyone other than herself which allows her to sharpen both her abandonment and pride issues. When B.J. Harrison steps in her cross hairs while coping with his own battle with pride sparks begin to fly. They opt to focus on developing a bond throwing titles and boundaries in the wind.
When B.J. is released from jail three years later, Heiress is still angry and hurt at his absence. The same pride that brought them together now threatens to rip them apart.

                                                                  BOOK REVIEW
Short stories can be hard to pack a lot of story in them. This particular short story centered around Heiress, her sister and their male love interests.  BJ, Heiress' love interest, returned home from a prison stint. They were never a couple, but "hooked up" regularly. The other couple had a toxic relationship filled with infidelity. About 99% of the book the couples were at odds and spent no real time together, which unfortunately didn't allow for chemistry to be properly displayed between them or for either to spend the holidays with their hood boy. What was interesting however, was the mother's story.  Why did she visit the girls? Who ransacked the apartment? While I could not connect with this story, I think if you want a quick read that flows easily this may be for you. You can get your copy here and don't forget to support the author by leaving a review. 
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