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The Color of Love

The Color of Love The Color of Love by H. M. Trey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What color is love and does the color of love really matter? The answer to these two questions, of course, is situational. But for Angela Simmons, these questions become rather complex. What happens when the person that wins your heart is not a person that the world wants to see you with? Unbeknownst to Angela, this will soon be the dilemma that she will be faced with. Angela is a beautiful mulatto woman with so much going on for her. She has the looks and personality that makes her a great catch for any man. Her mother’s choice of a man, Craig Davenport, doesn’t quite seem to be the right choice for Angela. Craig is an arrogant self-centered individual that fails to realize he is about to miss out on a good thing. Angela tolerates Craig’s unattractive personality until Luke Johnston comes into her life. Once Angela gets to know Luke she begins to feel that he could be the one, but there is one problem…Luke is white. 

You would think that a woman finding a man that is willing to love her unconditionally is a beautiful thing…right? If only it was that simple for Angela. Luke’s skin color seems to be a major barrier to that happily ever after that Angela would love to have with him. This becomes an inner struggle with Angela for she sees a man that is willing to give her the world but neither her mother nor the world seems to want her to receive it. The decision to pass on having a relationship affected by outside factors would typically be an easy one but there is one thing Angela didn’t count on…being shot with Cupid’s love arrows. 

Falling in love with a white man was never something that ever crossed Angela’s mind but as we know love is often blind…sometimes you just can’t help who you fall in love with. Short on dull-moments, Angela finds that life has her on a roller coaster ride that she didn’t ask to be on. She loves Luke, but will the unwanted stress cause her to pull the plug on her relationship despite the fact that she falls in love with Luke? Or…will love conquer all and make the stresses just stepping stones towards Angela and Luke erasing the color lines that external factors have placed on their love? 

Angela has to face that what she thought love looked for her is not exactly true. I think the social implications of Angela's new found love may resonate with those aware of the current social climate. Angela has to work through some preconceived notions of dating someone from another ethnicity. I think the characters were developed. The story moved well and the content was relevant. My only real critique would be the number of editing issues that needed to be addressed. You can get your copy here and don't forget to leave a review.
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