Me, You, & A Married Man

Me, You, & A Married Man Me, You, & A Married Man by Pledge
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With the recent death of her boyfriend, Registered Nurse Symone Tate has been in a slump, until she met Derrick, the most attractive man she's ever saw. Unfortunate for her, Farrah, Derrick's wife, is suffering from cancer and is in her care. As situations heat up between Derrick and Symone, she must decide whether she is going to help Farrah fight for her life or leave her to die, for Derrick,

This was my first read by this author. The story centers around Symone, a young nurse who recently lost the love of her life. She comes to find out that he betrayed her in the worst way while committing a similar betrayal with someone.

What worked for me was the story itself. It is one that touches home for those who have experienced betrayal by those who "love" them. Pledge does a good job of setting the scene and laying out the plot and filling it with relevant content related to adultery. I would have liked fewer grammatical errors i.e. missing words or too many words in a sentence. This really disrupted the flow of the story. I had to often go back and re-read a sentence for it to make sense, which pulled me out of the story each time.

The author did put a note at the end regarding the grammatical errors and their choice to not change anything in this novel. I can understand wanting to remain authentic, but when it translates to negative reviews hopefully the mindset will change for future works from this author.
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