Bookstagrammer Theresa R. of Between the Covers Literary shares her Top 5 Reads of 2019

 I’m so excited to share my bookstagram journey today with you via KayBee's Bookshelf! This community has been so warm and welcoming and I appreciate so many other Bookstagrammers before me that made this all possible and for all the inspiration.

My name is Theresa, Bookstagrammer at @Betweenthecovers_literary and I have been an avid reader and writer since childhood. I remember diving into books seriously at the age of 12, where I began my urban fiction collection of novels. I remember reading Flyy Girl and being completely immersed and blown away and the rest is history. Off and On through the years, I have read mostly urban fiction, urban romance, and contemporary fiction, which also happens to be some of my favorite genres to read. I also enjoy Non-Fiction, Christian Fiction and Self-Help sprinkled in between.

When I began my bookstagram journey, I was coming out of a serious bout of depression and anxiety and reading was one of my coping skills. The more I read and immersed myself in books and literature, the better I was able to lessen the episodes of anxiety that were severe at the time. Through my reading, I stumbled upon the bookstagram community while looking for new reads and authors to broaden my spectrum and library. I soon realized that just reading and rating was doing a disservice to some amazing authors whose work was truly off the charts and I didn’t want to continue to cheat them. I started my bookstagram page in September 2018 to not only read and review new and old authors alike but to share with others the amazing books that I have read along the way. I received a warm welcome in the community and I couldn’t be happier that I’m doing something I truly love and sharing it with others.

My Top 5 Reads of 2019

I just loved this book from beginning to end, it made me feel good. I could relate to Alexa in some ways when it came to self-doubt but I’m glad she never truly gave into her feelings and allowed love to fester for Drew. I loved the chemistry between Drew and Alexa, it was sexy, refreshing and sweet. I definitely had a book hangover once I finished this read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read an extremely charming and romantic book.

Now I’m a sucker for any kind of sports romance but his book here Mills didn’t hold back at all. Holt wasn’t just an amazing football player but he was rough, honest and rugged. Sutton was the perfect match for him. Their personalities complimented one another. One thing I truly loved about this book was Holt’s growth as a person despite his problematic past. I would recommend this book to all the sports romance lovers.

I can’t even describe how truly amazing this book was to read. Just well-rounded and developed from beginning to end. It’s definitely hard to pinpoint just a few reasons why this may have been one of the most amazing books I have ever read no exaggeration. Another amazing sports romance between Iris and August that definitely dig deep into my core and took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It was definitely an emotional, heart wrenching and inspiring love affair. A "love conquers" all plot that is spellbinding. I would recommend this book to anyone that’s looking for an amazing read but it’s some content that may be harder to digest for some but other than definitely Top Tier worthy.

Let’s talk about this phenomenal read by S. Yvonne. When I tell you thank goodness I don’t wear makeup on the regular it’s a blessing because I cried through this entire book. I mean not just tears but a gut-wrenching ugly cry too. This book was so raw, relatable and the realism was off the Richter scale. From page one, it felt as though I had immersed myself in a real-life movie. S. Yvonne's writing was definitely unmatched as she wrote this book that targeted your deepest emotions from the pages. Pure written excellence. Tasha and Peppa is the squad that everyone needs on their team. Purely disgusted with the events that took place in Tasha’s life but nonetheless she was fearless and showed perseverance. I loved Qua, he showed and showed out when it counted and that was more than a blessing. I recommend this book to anyone who likes real, raw and gritty reads this book is for you.

Hands Down the best book I’ve read in 2019. All-around and completely amazing book series. From the beginning, this book drew me in deep and wouldn’t let me go until the end. I have never smiled from the inside out so hard in my life, my face literally hurt from my kool-aid smile. The love radiated off the pages between Everett and Jo and everyone loved Nat-Nat who was completely adorable and stole my heart and Big South’s in the process. It was funny, sexy and familiar once you read about the McClain’s you automatically become family. I fell in love over and over again with every flip of the page. And as if I couldn’t get enough of Big South after I read the book the next week I listened to the audiobook. Talk about Drunk In Love I was in book hangover overload. Definitely recommended to all…If you haven’t had your fill of the McClain’s you don’t know what you’re missing.

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to share and review my reads with them this year, I have read 300+ books from some truly amazing and talented authors and I know next year will truly be exciting. I’m looking forward to reading new authors as well as my favorites.

Theresa R.
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