Author Appreciation Video Series - Day 3 w/ Author Quardeay


I have the pleasure of shining the spotlight on the multi-talented best selling author of Lil Mama from the Trenches and super creative simply known as Quardeay. He is an Author, Designer, Podcaster, Bartender, and future Screenwriter. To date, he has published more than 30 titles with his latest being a collaboration with fellow author Cyn Alexander, titled Endlessly Mine which is sure to set your pulse racing and your heart swooning. Join me for a few minutes to discover or re-discover little more about this engaging talent who has more to share with the creative community through his love of the writing world and the company he works for (TMP), which is astronomical.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author Quardeay.  You can support by making use of the links below and leaving a book review. 

You can connect with the author on his Amazon Author Page 
or on social media as @quardeayjulien



by KayBee