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This is Author KL Howard. Mental health is very vital to our existence. Any slight alteration to the mindset can create an unforeseen set of chain reactions that could have you traveling through life in a wormhole. Well, before we jump into how to Mental Health Wellness. Let me introduce myself. I am the mother of two awesome boys that keep me on my toes physically and academically. They have brought me so much joy through life’s struggles. By profession, I have been a Math Educator for 18 years. I have degrees in Business Management and Education. I have attended Georgia Southern University (Bachelors in Middle Grades Education), Grand Canyon University (Bachelors and Master’s in Business Management with an emphasis in Leadership) and Capella University (Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum & Instruction). I have passions in music, dance, and my love for God. I am the proprietor of Elevated Mindset Tutoring LLC and the author of Tap In A Book for Champions.

You may be wondering what gives me room to talk about Mental Health Wellness. You see, throughout my life, I have dealt with and overcame many struggles of depression, low self-esteem, and rejection in all areas of my life from personal to professional, from childhood to adulthood. I would adapt my choices, my viewpoint, my life in order to find my worth in other people. All of that just to find me alone and not even understanding who I was as a person. That was until one day I realized I am worth it. I am worth it to be valued! I am worth it to be loved unconditionally! I am worth it to be promoted! I had to begin to invest in myself because if I did not value myself how could I expect anyone else to.

Through this platform, I want to aid in others coming into the awareness of your value through Mental Health Wellness. We will travel through this journey together and I promise you well will come out victorious and better than before. Just an overview of the topics to be discussed: You Are Worth It, Forgive Yourself, Collect Yourself, Invest in Yourself, and Find your Safe Zone/Personal Space. When dealing with Mental Health Wellness, you must take into consideration your thoughts, your atmosphere, and your interactions with others. They must look at the past, present, and future. If we don’t learn from the past, we will repeat those mistakes in our present which will imprison our future. Life is too precious to stay in the prison of the past. We must learn how to release ourselves, release situations, and release people for the embitterment of ourselves. Holding on to grudges, guilt, and pain is toxic for the mind, body, and soul.


So, I encourage you to be active on this journey. Just know that sometimes the struggles will come, and it may get lonely, just rest assure you are not in this by yourself, and you will make it through to the other side better then you went in.

Until next time, this is Author KL Howard your guide for Mental Health Wellness.

Connect with the Author on Facebook at KL Howard or Instagram @kishahoward

Thank you KL Howard for the guest post. I look forward to collaborating in 2022. Thank you all for the support this year and as always blessings to you for a prosperous 2022.

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