Author Appreciation Video Series Day 7 w/ J. Cerrone Smith


J. Cerrone is a native of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with roots in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois and Harlem, New York City. He penned his first literary work, “Prodigal,” at age nineteen, but rewrote the book over ten years later, because of its true-to-life content. Though gainfully employed in corporate America, J. Cerrone felt pressured to turn to the streets to help make ends meet for his family. After serving both jail time and time on house arrest, he paved a fresh path for himself and founded Paper-Chase Publications. He also completed his second book, “Illegal Life: A North Philly Story.” In addition to being being a father, an author, entrepreneur, music lover and former deejay, J. Cerrone is an avid reader and lists Donald Goines and Mario Puzo among his favorite authors.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author J. Cerrone.  You can support by making use of the links below and leaving a book review for the author.

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