Love Triggers: Kente & Sanala

Love Triggers: Kente & Sanala Love Triggers: Kente & Sanala 
by Serene Arie

I was raised to kill. The Old Man groomed us to be cold-cut hit-for-hires, to take lives without a question. I’ve lived that life for years, played with death quite a few times, and survived. Now I’m on a new path of life and experiences, the road to love. And just when I’ve got my heart set on a woman that I want, the life I left behind comes knocking. I will do everything that I can not open that door, but when she’s put in harm’s way, there’s no question as to what I’m going to do.
The only question is, will death finally win, or, for the sake of love, will I come out on top?

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We meet Sanala and Kente in this action-packed story.  Kente wants to leave the life of crime behind when he meets Sanala, who has just gotten out of a bad marriage.  They go out, like each other, and begin a relationship, though it's very fragile. Kente's old life shows up, dragging him back into a dangerous situation, but this time it involves the threat of ending Sanala's life.  Kente is full of rage and will do anything to protect her.  The story is heart-pounding at times and there is a mystery involved that, once revealed, catches you by surprise.  There were a few grammar errors but nothing too major that the story could not be enjoyed.  Overall, I'd certainly like to keep up with Kente and Sanala, if Ms. Arie chooses to continue their story.  :)
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