Lead Me Into Love



Jade and Eli have been dating for a year now as they get into their mid-20’s, both deeply in love with each other. Despite how perfect the relationship seems, Jade has severe trust issues after being cheated on during her last relationship. No matter how sweet and romantic Eli is toward her, she is suspicious of him, sneaking around to check his phone and social media profiles for any proof that he is unfaithful. She never finds anything, but she is so broken from her last relationship that she can’t help but worry. Their trust of each other is in shambles.

Suddenly, Eli’s best friend since they were just boys, Lucas, is wrongfully shot and killed by a police officer. The town is enraged, calling for justice, and Eli is right in the middle of it. This incident tests Jade's inner strength and love for Eli. Will she be led by love or fear?

Book Review

We meet Jade and Eli in this story of finding yourself and overcoming fears set amongst the injustices of this world.  Jade is insecure and Eli is trying to help her feel loved and the only one.  She has been hurt in the past and doesn't want to go through it again.  Eli has no intention of leaving her or cheating on her and works hard to make her understand he is there for her. Then a terrible event occurs and Eli begins marching and protesting against the injustice of the police and making a stand.  Jade is unsure about getting involved because she is terrified of crowds and getting in the middle of the violence.  Eventually, she helps Eli and goes to the different marches, still self-involved and not thinking of anyone else.  Another event occurs, and Jade is forced into Eli's role of protection and strength.  Overall, the story was intriguing and shed a brighter light on the state of this world.

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Review provided by Review Team Member, Jenica