Only If He Knew: A Standalone Novel, An Urban Romance

Only If He Knew: A Standalone Novel, An Urban Romance   Only If He Knew: 
by Quardeay
“Shakir Daye is a low-down, unfaithful cheater.”

At least that’s what his wife, entrepreneur Savannah Daye told herself every single day since first learning of his compulsive transgressions. As badly as she wanted to believe otherwise, the fact remained, her husband was a two-timing dog who’s love for yoni was as big as his love of art.

To take things to another level and figure out if her husband had changed, Savannah has a chance encounter with aspiring porn star Tyjhe, better known to her fans solely as, Trouble. The two come up with a devious scheme that will seemingly give everyone what they want.

For Tyjhe, the proposal could ultimately lead to a luxurious lifestyle, and a chance to silence the critics that are the closest to her.

For Savannah, this is a chance for her figure out what went wrong in her marriage and finally put to rest her obsessive insecurities.

And for Shakir... He has no idea what’s being plotted behind his back. And only if he knew, maybe his life and the lives of those he loves wouldn’t be in danger.

                                                                   Book Review
Shakir & Savannah had only been married two years and infidelity played a major role in their marriage. Infidelity that led to Savannah's insecurities being magnified and ultimately a tragic ending.  The characters were developed as well as the plot.  It was moderately paced and kept me fully engaged. 
The only cons were the lack of proper transitions and odd word choices that oftentimes obstructed the flow of the story. I had to go back and re-read quite a few times to ensure I knew which character was speaking. 
All in all,  a good read. I'm looking forward to seeing what other mayhem will be in store for these characters. 

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