Taming His Heart

Taming His Heart Taming His Heart 
by Indigo

Vance DeWitt had everything he wanted—the wife, the career, even the baby on the way. Then an unfortunate series of events happens, causing him to lose everything he holds dear. Living life at rock bottom, he maneuvers his way through life, accompanied by pain, disappointment, and a powerful addiction.

Novah Sallow is a hard-working young woman. She knows what she wants but doesn’t always go after it. Aiming to do what pleases those around her, she often swallows what she wants to say and holds back what she wants to do. After experiencing heartbreak, she vows to stay single, and celibate, until she finds a man to change her mind.

The two meet at an inopportune time in Vance’s life, but things aren’t all bad. The more time they spend together, their feelings become more intertwined. Will Vance allow Novah to help him move past his pain and disappointment, or will he push
her away to stay in his hole of loneliness? Will Novah allow Vance a chance, or is she too good for him?

                                                        Book Review
This story is all about healing. We meet Vance who is evolved into a semi-functioning alcoholic after losing the love of his life and child in an auto accident. His diet consists of Vodka and more Vodka. After another arrest, he is sentenced to a ranch to work with the condition that he remain sober. The problem with the sentence was that he hadn't been on a ranch or specifically been around horses since his wife was killed. Enter Novah & the Sallow Ranch. 
This was an easy simple, straightforward read. The story did start out strong and that was a huge plus.  I think individually the characters were developed and could stand on their own.  Vance's pain tangible and Novah was not likable, but she was easy to figure out. I would have liked them to have chemistry as a couple so that when the "I love you's" or even sex came into the picture it felt genuine.  I would recommend this story to those who want a "no fuss no muss" romance. 

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