My Man, Her Son

My Man, Her Son My Man, Her Son 
by J. Tremble

Kourtney 'Ko-Ko' Jackson has no boundaries when it comes to being promiscuous. Known for having flirtatious behavior, along with an out of control sex addiction, Ko-Ko goes after every man who crosses her path.
However, she will ultimately cross the line when she uses her playful seduction to catch her best friend, Lynn's only son Rayshawn. Rayshawn, a young handsome man who's never had a problem attracting the opposite sex, is too much eye candy for Ko-Ko to resist.
In order for their secret relationship to progress, they must maneuver around an angry single mother, Ko-Ko's jealous daughter and tons of prying eyes. Just when things start to heat in their hush-hush love affair, Felice, the stacked and attractive owner of Fantasy Girlz Magazine throws herself in the burning fire and heats up things even more.
The only problem is, Ko-Ko refuses to share and spins a web of intricate lies, cover-up stories and false alibis to have Rayshawn all to herself.
Unfortunately, when all their emotions hit a boiling point, the drama intensifies and a shocking secret from the past threatens to ruin it all.

                                                                  Book Review
Well, this was interesting. This story centered around a young twenty-something man who was like catnip to all the ladies including his mother's friend and maybe even his mother.  There was one wild occurrence after another and a reveal that you could predict partially, but it was still interesting watching the characters react to the revelations of Rayshawn's familial history. 
This story touched on rape, incest, the trans community, and more. I will say that Koko was over the top and I was confused as to why after one night of "passion" she felt Rayshawn was her man and immediately began to act erratically. Another area that had me scratching was Rayshawn's unnatural attachment to him and the comments made about certain parts of his body. All in all, it was easy to listen even though some of the reactions and actions of the characters may not have made sense to me. 
As far as the narration, the delivery was very high pitched almost to the point of yelling when the characters were voiced. It was distracting. If you like a little Jerry Springer with your drama, you will enjoy this book. I still want to know what Rayshawn did to all those women to drive them crazy.
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