Interstate! Interstate! by Marvin Mason

SynopsisJoshua Easton and Christian Buckman are two best friends going into their senior year of college who embark upon a road trip to help Joshua's cousin, Tina, move from a college dorm to an off-campus locale. Having been friends since the second grade, they know each other’s secrets.

For Christian, it is an illness he has tried to hide, specifically from Joshua's cousin who he ditched on prom night. This is Christian's first face off with her since that fateful night four years ago. For Joshua, it is a domestic abuse situation between his parents that may call for him to take desperate measures.

After Christian and Tina finally patch up their relationship, the two young men hit the road back home for a five-hour ride down the Interstate late at night where eight young Black men have recently disappeared.

Will they make it back home or will they join the missing?

Book Review - If you're not a fan of road trips this might be why!
Josh and Chris set out to help someone with moving and end up in a "tight" spot. 
I loved the opening of the book. It set the pace for the rest of the story and gave you a hint at what was to come. The story moved well with a solidly structured plot. It remained true in its genre of thriller fiction. Within this thriller, Mason looped in the topics of diabetes, domestic violence, racial injustice, and lost love. 
I think this is Mason's genre and I would love to see more from him in it. I would recommend this book to those who want a quick and easy thrill with their afternoon tea. You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 

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