DND: Caught Up In His Love

DND: Caught Up In His Love DND: Caught Up In His Love by Tay Mo'Nae

SynopsisInstagram model, party girl Luna Star had closed herself off to love. Content with her life as a local celebrity. She enjoys the fast life and didn’t see herself slowing down, until meeting Bash one night at the club. What was supposed to be one night between Bash and Luna Star turned into more than either of them were expecting.
Being wrongfully imprisoned should have changed Bash, instead he gets out of jail determined to make things right in his life. After two years pass, he runs back into Luna, finding out a secret that’s going to rock his world.
What Luna Star wasn’t expecting was Bash to be holding some secrets of his own. Once his secrets come to the light both of them are forced to fight the attraction, they have for one another.
These two are tested in ways neither of them expected. Forced to fight temptation with outside forces trying to keep them apart. Find out how Luna Star was able to be Caught Up In His Love.

 Book Review - A passionate one night stand leads to a lifelong connection between two strangers.  After a forced two year separation, Bash returns only to find that he fathered a child. Luna discovers a shocking secret about Bash as well. 

It was interesting watching the two find their way to each other despite a couple of roadblocks. I think the story moved well. The plot will be relatable to today's culture where influencers reign supreme. There were issues surrounding grammar, incorrect word usage, and repetition, but outside of that, I think this was a romance with a HEA that romance readers may enjoy. 
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