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Pages 304  | English | Black Wren Press | Publication date November 28, 2022

The Book

Lucretia Hughes became Charleston's Cinderella when she married the wealthy Russ Rutledge, but her working class upbringing doesn't let her simply enjoy a life of ease. In what has become a passionless relationship, Cree continues to try to prove her worth in the marriage.

Cree, having given up on her marriage and longing the life she could've had if she'd followed her passion, she's suddenly given a Pandora's box of an opportunity to become a singer with instant fame. This journey, however, takes a quick and perilous turn when she's hunted by kidnappers and her husband is the suspect.

In this thriller, Cree has but a small window and the help of a few characters who are just as driven to determine their own fate. While fighting for her life Cree is finding out just why a man who can have anything money can buy, and any woman he wants, sees so much value in her.


The Book Review

Mysterious and dramatic perfectly describes this novel.  This novel centers around two women who share something special. One woman (Cree) is in a marriage that has turned platonic and toxic finds herself requiring more and soon circumstances occur that allows the change in her to happen. However there is no change without consequence or so it seems.  The other woman (Lulu) knows this all to well. When the two lives intersect the things we bring to the table will be revealed. 

I think Palmer did a good job with the Quantum Leap/Freaky Friday twist in the story even though it took me a second to catch on to what was happening. The author uses a lot of descriptive imagery to convey feelings and emotions in each scene. There was a time or tow or five where I felt that I wanted him to just "get to it". This was probably do in large part to me being impatient about what will happen next. I think the urgency that Cree felt to solve the mystery presented in the story was well written as were the challenges felt by them both. Detective Ryan was a solid character and likeable to this reader. 

All in all, this novel opened strong and moved at a  moderate pace. The plot was interesting and I think executed well enough to keep readers who enjoy mystery and a bit of drama engaged. However, I think the big take away was the emotional turmoil and realizations that you must experience to evolve into the person who brings their whole self into any situation and ultimately be responsible for your own happiness. If you don't recognize your own value, who will? 

I would recommend this book to those who like drama with a mysterious thrill. 

 The Creative


Rod Palmer is a dedicated girl dad in Columbia, SC. He earned degrees in creative writing and African American Studies at the University of South Carolina. He is a fulltime author and writing coach. He is the author of six novels. You can find the author on most social media platforms and o his Amazon Author Page by clicking here.


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