Release Day Feature w/ Kim K

About the Book 

 Tori Johnson tries to navigate life being the new wife of a multi-millionaire. She navigates her journey with her first pregnancy as well, learning the surprising truth from her husband about his past. The baby's delivery is around the corner, and she constantly tries to wrap her head around the fact that she is going to be a mom while simultaneously juggling marriage and family.

Millionaire, Russell Johnson gets out of jail after his entire operation is exposed. The father of three learns to unravel the old connection with his ex-wife, so he can continue life with his new wife. An unexpected curve ball enters the picture and has him questioning everything that he’s done until now.

Will a marriage with so many flaws weather the storm, or will this be the end of it all. Find out in the Finale of, Sold My Soul For His Hood Millions.

                                        About the Author 
Kim K. has always been intrigued with intriguing plots and captivating storylines. By the time she reached college, writing became second nature. Years later, she finally decided to formally publish her works for the world to see. What sets her apart from others is her keenness on delving into unexpected topics that center around intimate moments. Her past books have addressed depression, sibling rivalry, mental disabilities, body size controversy, the importance of therapy, interracial love, discovering individual sexuality and more.

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