Book Review: Bad Beat: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Competing Desires Book 1)

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If you're looking for a cozy -yes cozy-read with a  sexy black love twist, "Bad Beat" by L.M. Bennett might just be your cup of tea. It's a pretty chill romance novel, set in an unexpected place – the world of professional poker. Not something you see every day in romance books, right?

The story is about Jax and Miri, and let me tell you, these two have a vibe that's hard to ignore. Their journey from being at odds to something more is the main thing here. It's not every day you find a romance blossoming in the middle of a high-tension poker tournament. Their interactions are interesting and pretty relatable when it comes to fighting your feelings and trying to focus on your goals which is cool considering they're in this high-stress, competitive world.

Now, don't expect the book to grab you right from the get-go. It starts off slow, kind of like the early rounds of a card game where everyone's just feeling things out. (And this reader is much to impatient lol for this slow build. ) But this gives you a chance to get to know Jax and Miri a bit more, which is nice. The story does pick up, and when it does, you're kind of already invested in these characters and their world of poker.

What's neat about this book is how it plays around with the usual roles you see in poker and romance. Jax and Miri aren't your typical characters. They're dealing with stuff like breaking stereotypes and proving themselves in a space that's usually dominated by guys. It's more than just a simple love story.

Overall, "Bad Beat" is a good read and a positive start to a new series. The setting is fresh, the characters are cool, and the story has its moments. So, if you're into a romance that's a bit different from the usual, with a backdrop of poker, this book might be worth checking out.

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