My Mother's Man 2 (FINALE): Breaking Curses

My Mother's Man 2 (FINALE): Breaking Curses My Mother's Man 2 (FINALE): Breaking Curses by O'Sharra
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After the death of their mother, by their Father’s hands, Jeanette Bell’s three children each have their issues behind their traumatic childhood.

Wayne Bell, Nette’s oldest son, witnessed most of the abuse. He has lived his entire life with a vendetta against his father for taking his mother’s life. When he has the ultimate chance for revenge, will he take it? Or, will he forgive his father for taking the only woman in the world that he had ever truly loved?

Terri Bell has done everything right. She has been faithful to her husband, Daryl, since he'd become her middle school sweetheart. Even though he constantly cheats on her and belittles her every chance he gets, she continues to love him deeply; until he commits the ultimate act of betrayal. Terri is tempted to show him the meaning of till death do us part, but will she succeed?

Bonnie Bell is the youngest, and her mother’s inability to stand up for herself is directly affecting Bonnie’s life. Haunted by the death of her friend, Bonnie decides to briefly visit her friend’s hometown, until she meet’s the insatiable Marlow; whom she later finds out is being investigated for his not so legal lifestyle

                              BOOK REVIEW
The author closed this family's story nicely. O'Sharra did a good job of showing the parallels between generations when it comes to the lessons we pass down. The story was emotional, dramatic with a few unbelievable moments that did not quite gel for me. There were a few grammatical and spelling errors, but nothing so distracting that it took me out of the moment. All in all good movement, flow, and a powerful message.

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