Brown Skinned Girl, Became His World

Brown Skinned Girl, Became His World Brown Skinned Girl, Became His World by Dymond Taylor
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SYNOPSISGrowing up in a two-parent home is ideal. It’s something some children are blessed to have. Atreus Childs is one of those children fortunate to have a two-parent home. He has loving, caring, and nurturing parents. Or at least it started out that way. For a reason unknown to him, his mother flips the script. She went from being Florida, the mother from Good Times, to Mommy Dearest, and not just with him, but toward his father as well.
It started with verbal abuse before it turned physical. Atreus’s father, being a true gentleman, refused to hit his wife. The love he had for his family caused him to stick around for everything his wife dished out. Young Atreus was around to witness it all, and seeing it made him have ill feelings toward his mother. Those feelings intensified when she did the ultimate betrayal, sending his father to jail on a lie. That night, Atreus's feelings turned to hate.
If that isn’t enough, her aggression continues with him, except much worse. Her torture went along the lines of making ten-year-old Atreus wear diapers for days, causing terrible rashes, giving him a cup of water a day, and making him sleep in a dark closet. The list goes on. One day, Atreus finds a window of opportunity to escape his nightmare, and he does. From that point on, Atreus makes up in his mind that all black women are evil and only good for destroying their men’s entire existence. He carries that resentment throughout life until someone remarkable, scary, and alluring comes about—Katerra Lane.

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This story follows the rocky coupling of Atreus and Katerra.  Atreus' backstory was heartbreaking and gave you a clear understanding of his development into adulthood.  Individually, these two characters worked. As a couple, the chemistry was missing for me. I liked their interactions with the supporting characters, but when they came together it was forced.  All in all, I think the story flowed well and had potential. The characters were developed and again worked individually, but not as a couple at least in Book 1.  I'm hoping Book 2 will have these two will make sense. I like this author's work so I'm hopeful. 

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