Scandalous: Secrets in the Pulpit 1 & 2

Scandalous: Secrets in the Pulpit Scandalous: Secrets in the Pulpit by K. Blaze
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Pastor Jackson Jones is a man that hides behind Greater Emmanuel. He has let money, power, greed, and sex get in the way of him serving God. Jackson’s world gets shook up when someone from his past comes back. Andre Sullivan is shaking things up with his return. Jackson does everything in his power to keep him away from his daughter, Summer Jackson.

While sleeping with her best friend, Lauren, he thinks that he has everything under control until one fateful night Summer and Andre hit it off. Things seem to be going good until secrets are slowly revealed. One secret could very well shatter what Andre and Summer are trying to build.

                                                                  BOOK REVIEW

The story of Paster Jackson Jones definitely lived up to the book's title. He was scandalous and held many secrets all while using the bible to keep his flock in line and blind to his unsavory dealings. The story flowed quickly and well. The characters were developed and the content dramatic with a jaw-dropping moment or two.  Can we say the Pastor's wife and her final scene?  Now what didn't work was the relationship between Summer and Andre. It didn't quite gel. It wasn't written as forbidden as I would have thought. We are told it is, but they spent quite a bit of time apart that I didn't see any grand love or chemistry. But, I would love to hear what you think, please click the link below to secure your copy and support the author by leaving a review.  I recommend this anyone wanting a scandalous read.



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